Pretty Passport Holder
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Pretty Passport Holder


The perfect gift for that jet-setting friend or family member
Never struggle to find your passport in a bag again
Please allow three weeks for delivery
{Free shipping to your nearest Postnet Counter}


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Black, Bunnies Butter Clay, Bunnies Carbon Linen, Bunnies Emerald Charcoal, Bunnies Gold Black, Bunnies Lumo Orange, Bunnies White Linen, Bunnies White Marsala, Bunnies White Silver, Bunnies White Sky, Hazelnut, Persia Breeze Clay, Persia Butter Clay, Persia Carbon Linen, Persia Emerald Charcoal, Persia Lumo Orange, Persia White Linen, Persia White Marsala, Persia White Silver, Persia White Sky, Tobacco